MR Conditional*/CT EEG Webbs™

Rhythmlink's Disposable MR Conditional*/CT EEG Webb™ Electrodes are 240mm's long and offers a new quality assurance design the includes numbered heat shrink to ensure accuracy upon reconnection, available in up to 48 unique colors to enhance high electrode count protocols and offered with a 1.0, 1.5 and 2.5m extension cable.

For more information, visit Rhythmlink's MRI Product Page.

Details on the Disposable MR Conditional*/CT EEG Webb™ Electrode and MRI Unsafe Extension Cables can be found in the Instructions for Use and Datasheet for this product.

Available Part Numbers
Color Group 1 [# 1-12] MRW210 MRW215 MRW225
Color Group 2 [# 13-24] MRW310 MRW315 MRW325
Color Group 3 [# 25-36] MRW410 MRW415 MRW425
Color Group 4 [# 37 - 48] MRW510 MRW515 MRW525

Organize your MR Conditional*/CT Webb™ Electrodes using our new LeadLock that allows easy and accurate disconnect and reconnect of electrodes as the patient goes to and from imaging. For more information, click here.

*Patent Pending