MR Conditional* LeadLock™

Rhythmlink's MR Conditional LeadLock™ allows easy and accurate disconnect and reconnect of electrodes as the patient goes to and from imaging and allows each service to customize their own color-coded and numeric protocols. The LeadLock™ is supplied in pairs and can be used in conjuction with Rhythmlink MR Conditional Electrodes. One side of the pair is marked with a symbol showing it as MRI Unsafe and is red in color. The other side is yellow in color and marked with a symbol showing it as MR Conditional.

For more information, visit Rhythmlink's MRI Product Page or watch the short video below.

Details on the MR Conditional LeadLock can be found in the Datasheet for this product.

Available Part Numbers
MRLL1 1 set / pouch [2 LeadLocks]
MRLL24 24 sets / pouch [48 LeadLocks]